Root Canal Infection Symptoms

If you’re unsure about whether you a root canal procedure the best thing to do is to visit your dentist and confirm your situation. Even though nothing restrains you from getting a better knowledge about the root canal infection symptoms to aid in your decision to visit or not a professional dentist.

While the actual procedure is only required in some cases, it is important to set an appointment with an oral care professional if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • Pain

    The first and foremost symptom to most of infections and inflammation. If you are experiencing pain when subjecting your tooth to pressure or in day-to-day chewing you might have an infection on said tooth. However it is important to point out that the inflammation of the gum is not the only cause of pain on your teeth and you might be experiencing a different problem.

  • Darkened TeethDarkened Tooth Root Canal Infection Symptoms

    If you have one or more darkened teeth it is something worth checking out.

  • Sensitivity

    Experiencing teeth sensitivity to hot or cold might indicate you need a root canal.

  • Bad Breath

    Having unusual bad breath or bitter taste in the mouth.Pus Pimple Root Canal Infection Symptoms

  • Gum Tenderness

    Noticing tenderness or swelling is a common indicator of root canal infection, sometimes with the presence of gumboils that may release pus or blood.





Upon noticing some of these symptoms it is recommended to visit a professional dentist. It might be required x-rays to confirm that the root canal infection symptoms were originating from a root canal infection.

To learn more about what is a root canal infection, visit this article.

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